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Political Islam has been at the heart of British politics for the last decade, in a slightly dissimilar way than it has been in America. The key problem lies in the fact that since the 1950’s, British immigration policy has not, and proudly, does not have any pre-requisites towards cultural assimilation. With multiculturalism in mind, it has never stipulated that immigrants wishing to implant themselves in the country need follow British culture, typical British Judeo-Christian values or embrace Western liberalism (liberalism in the cultural sense–dress codes, marriages, entertainment, etc– not the political wing). All it asks is that immigrants abide by the British law of the land. The trouble is that this law is archaic, outdated and completely inequipped for the issues of the 21st Century. The law-making system in Britain is even more archaic, largely unrepresentative of public opinion (more representative of public mood) and full of terribly old loopholes. So when an enormous majority of the world’s Eastern population, who have lived and procreated in Britain anonymously for the last 50 years, decide that as Conservative Muslims, their identification with Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran override their British allegiances, we have a problem.

Two things were at the heart of the British elections this year: immigration and the recession. One simple, but rather racist-sounding solution that many think but few say is “Well why don’t you just send them home if they’re trying to start a British Islamic Revolution? If they don’t like The West and only want to Islamify it, then surely….go back home to the East?” Well, the reason it isn’t that simple is because the one thing that British-born Islamic extremists like Mohamed Sidique Khan (7/7 bomber) and Mr & Mrs Ali next door have in common is this: rights. Resident immigrants who’ve become nationals and generations of British-born Easterners, all have as much right to remain in the country as Mr & Mrs Barnsworth across the road do. So “kicking them out” is not a terribly realistic answer to that.

If Britain refuses to become a completely secular state like neighbouring France (tolerating NO displays of religion), then the only way to stem the Islamification of Britain is the difficult way:

a) Put a cap on immigration. PM Cameron proposed this earlier this year. Set a limit on how many people can come through the border every year….and ACTUALLY reinforce it.

b) Reform immigration laws. Create multiple tests which must be passed at a certain percentile, measuring one’s “connection” and somewhat “acceptance” of the root characteristics of Britain as a country: tests on culture, religion, values, liberalism. Holland currently has an immigration video depicting typical Dutch life, which all new immigrants must watch in order to help them decide if this is the life they want; because this is the life they will get, no ifs, ands or buts i.e  “If you like what you see, come in and assimilate with it, if not, there are other places you can go and live.”

c) Reform the “citizenship by marriage” pathway. Denmark currently has a reform which states that for the inconvenience of marrying a foreigner, a Danish-born Dane and his foreign-born wife must have 28 years of “connection” to Denmark between them.

d) WRITE a British constitution. Like it’s American counterpart, the British Constitution should only depict Britishness at the root formation of the entire British Isles. Set the thing in stone as a preventative measure against country-wide Sharia law.

The trouble with policing Britain’s nation-wide Islamic protests is the lack of authority our police have had for decades. In comparison to America and even some of our European neighbours, the police have very limited powers in Britain. Patrolling without firearms; an absence of military conduct on duty and a comparatively casual attitude toward standard operating procedure, have remarkably weakened the impact of the police’s presence in Britain. The age-old image of British police fraternizing with the public whilst on duty is still carried out today; you see it in Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park’s Speaker’s Corner, Parliament Square and at the Notting Hill Carnival, every single year.

Bringing me back to the need for reforming our archaic British law–this rather ”bohemian” policing is no foundation for keeping order in an ideologically violent 21st century Britain. Even at a foundational level, our sentences are far too soft; an offence punishable by imprisonment in the US, is often ‘punished’ with 100-300 hours community service in Britain, or some other ‘slap on the wrist’. If Britain’s criminals are being handled poorly to start with, there’s very little chance of an extremist being arrested for threatening to convert the Queen to Islam.

The police are only permitted to enforce whatever attitude the State adopts; of late, a softly-softly, politically-correct approach. It’s not duty in Britain, as it is in Iran, for the police to arrest people for ‘voicing’ their beliefs in public, because since the 1900’s, Britain has and still considers itself immune to radicalization. Up until now, talk of ‘revolution by ideology’ in the form of political protest was never really a ‘realistic’ threat for the British police, particularly because the State never considered it so. It was in Germany, which is why the Nazi one-armed salute is still an arrestable offence in Germany today. But if the British government are still dilly-dallying in deciding which Western ideological weapon would be the most effective against Political Islam, the only thing the British police can use to defend the country in the meantime, are their bare hands. And you can imagine how effective that’s been over the last 10 years. No, the police are just as worried as the rest of Britain because, they too, have been nannied out of being allowed to use their own initiative.

I don’t dislike Muslims. I have many Muslim friends, a few Muslim relatives and I love them all equally. Nor am I against multiculturalism; I was born in it. But the “age” of multicultural Britain has come to an end when one culture wants to establish itself over all the others Britain has given free rein to. If we can go down this road it will naturally upset MILLIONS of people. But the reason such action has become necessary is because this is how Britain got itself into this mess in the first place, by pandering to everyone and anyone for years. It is time the country stopped throwing it’s roots and origins into the sea. Britain, with no proper grip on immigration in the first place, became a ripe place for an aggressive ideology such as Political Islam, to grow. If Political Islam is making an aggressive beeline for our crumbling law system, then the best thing that Britain can do is shape up and make an aggressive beeline for Political Islam.


It incensed me to hear this week, of the banning of 3 British soldiers from a bar in Maidenhead because they were ‘inappropriately’ dressed in their uniform, having come straight from a comrade’s funeral. The bar manager’s pitiful spineless excuse was that he had to “protect the interests of my customers”. A 5 year old could have come up with a more convincing argument than that. But what was most horrifying about the incident, was that this was considered a socio-politically “sound” response in today’s Britain. What, pray, might these interests be? Alarm at seeing a British army uniform in the flesh? Having survived two World Wars not more than a century ago, we, the steadfast remnant of a true British people, are sick and tired of hearing about anti-patriotism being the way things are done these days. By jove, it wasn’t but 30-odd years ago that we were sat around the television watching Allo’ Allo’, Dad’s Army, It Ain’t Half Hot Mum and even more recently, 16th on the list of 100 Great British Comedies, Blackadder. We celebrated our nations’ efforts at war with thoroughly acceptable British pomp and mirth. This was a multi-cultural Britain which purposed popular comedy and sit-com as politically incorrect as possible and quite rightly walked off with awards for it too.

However you do realise, of course, that it requires stepping out of this blind hypnosis, out of years of the media brainwashing the British people, in order to fully defend the right in this scenario. This cock-and-bull soundbyte “Somebody Else’s War” has no compatibility whatsoever with the indignation towards the dishonour of our troops on home turf. I don’t know if it’s the effects of centralised healthcare (Oh, Lord help us!!) or the ‘reliability’ of our Inland Revenue that have stopped us thinking for ourselves altogether, but you’ll have to excuse me for a moment….WAKE UP BRITAIN! We’ve always had an army! They’ve always had a job to do! The press have been dishonouring substantial news for many a decade now, so it’s no small wonder the British public have had no idea that the last 50 years of peacetime……were being earned.

The bottom line is this. It isn’t somebody else’s war. You may think this foolish but I solidly believe that the reason we’ve even had the liberty of having any government able to spend their time running up illegal expenses on taxpayer money, is because we’ve had too much peace, if such a thing is possible. We’ve never had to go through 1939 again. We’ve never had to watch our home destroyed by shelling, day and night. We’ve never had to sit in Anderson Shelters all over again. The House of Lords, the ruling party have sat around playing Punch and Judy for the last decade…….because at the same tim, outside the country, our young’uns were–voluntarily–fighting off our enemies the whole time. The bankers, the hedge fund managers,  the benefit cheats, the white collar fraudsters, the gang members on the street, the social deviants and misfits, the criminals on parole, they’ve all been allowed their day in the sun…..because the British Army, Navy, the RAF and the TA, have been putting their lives on the line every single day, year in, year out, keeping our enemies and invaders at bay. The servicemen and women of Britain are awarded and honoured for their work by the Head of State, the authorities and we might just catch a 10 second mention in the news bulletin or a little square in the bottom corner of page 2 of our papers, next to the weather forecast. Which most of us skim over to get to the rest of the ‘news’. But when it comes to the average Joe thanking a soldier on the Tube one morning, for being braver than he to serve, oh no, the offence comes right up. “Who, me? It’s got nothing to do with me!” Yes, you! It’s got everything to do with you, me, him, her and everyone else standing on the 8.15am train to Liverpool Street. Someone paid the price for you to pick up your morning latte and scroll through your Blackberry on the way to work to read notes for the morning meeting, without hearing an air raid siren and dodging bombs falling. The fact is that Britain has had enemies for the last 1558 years since the Romans came face to face with the English. London has been the scene of battle and bloodshed it’s entire history, someone has always been fighting over it. No, this has got nothing to do with America “making” us some enemies out there, we’ve always had enemies and we’ve always had to fight them.

Only last week The Metro interviewed a Lt. Cp who was asked, what the British public could be doing to help them. “Just show your support. You’ve no idea how much it means to know that British men and women appreciate what we’re doing.”

These lads were just popping in for a pint. This IS our war and it is high time we shook the hand of the humble British servant who’s out there on enemy frontlines because we didn’t want to do it. And for those Britons who think this is a call to take up what some of you refer to as “sickening-American-Support-Our-Troops-gung-ho”, honour the British history-makers of the crest on your purple passport: with staunch British pride, originate, don’t imitate. We are the only nation who don’t know how to make the connection between our peacetime and what our troops are doing. Let our enemies never say of Britain what the character Edmund Blackadder famously said to Lord Percy, “The eyes are open, the mouth moves, but Mr Brain has long since departed, hasn’t he, Percy?”